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Terms & Conditions

Our sale is subject to general terms and conditions that take precedence over any other provisions of the buyer. The general sales conditions arrange the relationship between UNICRAFT BV and any other professional buyer, regardless of whether the order was placed directly or online. Each order implies unconditional compliance with these general sale conditions. 


(a) These T&Cs form an agreement framework for each individual sales or services agreement entered into with UNICRAFT BV with its registered office at Daalstraat 35, 3832 Ulbeek, Belgium and a party named as CUSTOMER, which enters into this agreement in connection with its professional activities.
(b) In the event of conflict between
(b) In the event of conflict between these T&Cs and any specific conditions stated in an order of, or any other document with, a specific Customer, these T&Cs shall take precedence unless the specific conditions were explicitly agreed in writing by the Customer and Seller, in which case the remainder of these T&Cs shall remain in force. The Customer’s T&Cs are not applicable.
(c) If any of these T&Cs cannot be enforced, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of such term and condition or these T&Cs in their entirety.
(d) All modifications to these T&Cs must be agreed in writing. The same applies to this variation clause.
(e) All our sales are governed by the current general terms and conditions of sale. Subject to a special written agreement signed by us, and notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the pruchaser's acceptance of the present conditions of sale. 


(a) All quotes established by the Seller shall be non-binding and considered as an invitation to tender, and the parties shall only enter into a contractual relationship in accordance with the procedure described herein. Orders from the Customer are binding upon the Customer.
(b) All orders are subject to approval by the Seller and the agreement is deemed to be entered into either when the Seller sends a written order confirmation, or when the Seller delivers the goods or performs the services ordered. The Seller must be informed of any errors in the order confirmation in writing within three days of receipt of the order confirmation. After this period of three days, the information mentioned on the order confirmation will be considered to be correct.
(c) All orders are subject to credit approval by the Seller, who in light of negative information regarding creditworthiness, may, at any time, modify the Customer’s credit and payment terms. If there is any reason for the Seller to believe that the Customer’s ability to make payments is impaired, the Seller may suspend further deliveries until such time as the Customer has provided a bank guarantee as stated in article 8.
(d) The Customer agrees to send the Seller a written order as confirmation of any verbal orders, wherein the confirmation reference provided is clearly indicated, so that the Customer and the ordered goods can be identified. Otherwise the Seller reserves the right not to fulfil the order.
(e) If the Seller processes a verbal order that has not been confirmed by the Customer, the order is nevertheless binding upon the Customer.
(f) Any order that is not refused in writing by us within eight days of receipt will be deemed to have been accepted without us being required to confirm such acceptance in writing.
(g) For orders below € 100,00 a handling fee of € 10,00 will be charged. 


(a) The Customer must, prior to and during the execution of this agreement, provide correct information to the Seller (including delivery address, bank account numbers, the company’s registered name, VAT number and financial information) and must specify in its order any specific requirements with regard to the saleability of the goods or services or their suitability for a specific purpose or use.
(b) The Customer is responsible for safeguarding all data and must take appropriate precautions to prevent the loss of this data.
(c) Upon the reasonable request of the Seller, the Customer shall provide the Seller with all financial data that could be useful for credit checks.
(d) The Customer is wholly responsible with regard to any licence agreement that is affected by, involved in or related to the use of the goods purchased or the services performed hereunder and shall comply with all licensing conditions that have been provided by the manufacturer of said goods.
(e) The Customer shall comply with all local, European and American import and export regulations with respect to the goods or services.
(f) The Customer shall observe the manufacturer’s guidelines for the goods and the services performed by the Seller.


(a) Upon delivery to the Customer, the goods shall conform with the manufacturer’s specifications provided for such goods and any work performed by the Seller on such goods shall comply with the Customer’s specifications relating to such work, to the extent that these have been clearly communicated in accordance with article 3(a) and accepted by the Seller.
(b) Unless otherwise specified, goods sold by the Seller are not designed, intended or authorised for use in life-sustaining, life-support, nuclear, military or other applications in which it can be reasonably expected that a problem with the product could result in personal injury, death or catastrophic damage to property. If the Customer uses or sells the goods for such applications: (i) the Customer acknowledges that such use or sale is at the Customer’s own risk; (ii) the Customer agrees that the Seller and the manufacturer are not liable, partly or wholly, for any claims or damages resulting from such use; and (iii) the Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Seller and the manufacturer of said goods harmless against any claims, losses, damage, costs, expenses and liability stemming from or in connection with such use or sale.
(c) The Seller is not responsible for the modification or alteration of goods to conform to statutory requirements that were not in effect at the time of receipt or ordering, unless such was specifically requested by the Customer in accordance with article 3(a) and accepted by the Seller.
(d) The Customer is aware that product specifications may change over the course of time and should therefore ensure that it remains informed about future specifications and about the availability of any goods and services. The Seller cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability of goods.
(e) All product specifications, adverts and any other form of public information regarding goods are non-binding unless specifically agreed in the order confirmation.
(f) When the Seller provides its own services to the Customer, then these should be described in detail and accepted by the Seller. When the Seller provides services, the Customer is always, unless otherwise agreed, considered as the manufacturer of the goods and the Seller always acts on behalf of and on the instructions of the Customer. The services provided by the Seller do not include the application for certain certificates or registrations (including CE, WEEE), or labelling or branding. All services provided by the Seller free of charge must be verified by the Customer and shall not be binding upon the Seller. Paid services always assume the cooperation and support of the Customer. Unless otherwise agreed, no service entails an obligation to achieve a certain result.
(g) Our goods are approved from the start, in our stores, in case of shipment, where the goods are approved after unloading, any complaint must be made within eight days of receipt of the goods by registered letter addressed to our company. the delivered goods can only be returned with the prior agreement of our compnay with regard to the comments made. The customer will bear the costs for the return shipment, unless this is due to an error on the part of our services. 


(a) The delivery times are only indicative and not binding. As an exaple, we point to the COVID pandemic and all the resulting measures that may affect delivery times and supplies at our suppliers. Under no circumstances can a delay in delivery give rise to termination of the agreement or to compensation. 
(b) In the event of shipmnet, the goods travel at the risk of the client, as from loading the truck or any other means of transport, even in the case of carriage paid shipment. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the transport costs are at the expense of the client. The carriage paid home delivery includes a one-off delivery to a single destination to the door of the customer's store. 
(c) The Seller is entitled to deliver in part or in instalments. Each of said deliveries will be considered as a separate agreement and the T&Cs will therefore be applicable to each of these deliveries.
(d) The Customer shall inspect the goods upon delivery and inform the Seller immediately in writing of any damage, defects, errors in delivery or erroneous quantities, no later than 8 days after delivery, after which the goods are deemed to be irrevocably accepted, unless there was a hidden defect or fault that could not be detected during a standard inspection. If the Customer discovers a hidden defect of fault after this time, the Customer shall notify the Seller within a week. If upon the Customer’s request the Seller delivers goods to a third party, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that this third party acts accordingly.
(e) All delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the invoiced price. Payment is understood to mean the actual collection of the price, in principal, costs and interests. However, the delivery of the goods implies the immediate transfer of the risk to the buyer, who is therefore liable for it. In the event of non-respect by the purchaser of one of the payment due dates, our company may, without losing any other right whatsoever, demand by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt the return of th egoods, at the expense of the purchaser, until their execution, last of all his commitments. In addition, our company can dissolve the agreement, without the intervention of the Court, by means of confirmation of the dissolution by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. 
(f) The Customer has the right to sell the goods to third parties in the normal course of business, on condition that the Customer assigns all rights vis-à-vis this third-party buyer to the Seller. The Seller accepts such assignment. The Seller grants the Customer the revocable right to invoice its customer and to receive payment on behalf of the Seller, unless the Customer fails to pay or the Seller believes that the Customer’s ability to make payments may be impaired. The Customer is nevertheless obliged to pay all amounts due under this agreement.
(g) In the case of direct delivery to a customer of the Customer, or in the case of delivery by the Customer before full payment to the Seller, the Customer shall pass on the obligations contained in this article to its customer.
(h) The delivery times are given for information only. They are not binding and their non-observance cannot be invoked to claim compensation or the termination of the contract. Force majeure or an arbitrary decision by the Government gives our company the right to terminate the agreement in whole or in part or to suspend its execution without notice or compensation. 
(i) The delivery is deemed to have completed in full, either by direct delivery to the buyer or by simple notification of the delivery of the goods in our stores, to the customer or to a forwarding agent or a chosen carrier, as the case may be the client or by us. In the event of delivery being prevented, the buyer shall bear the costs of storage and handling, while our company declines any responsibility in this regard. 


(a) Unless otherwise specified, the prices quoted by the Seller are:
(i) exclusive of VAT and any other taxes;
(ii) exclusive of transport, packaging, customs, assembly, installation and insurance;
(iii) exclusive of any release certificates (for example CE certificates, if the Seller performs integration services);
and the Seller shall have the right to charge extra in respect of the above items.
(b) The stated prices are without obligation for changes up to the date of order, depending on possible price adjustements by the suppliers. Until the date of invoicing, Unicraft bv furthermore reserves the right to make adjustments to the price in the event of unexpected, unforeseen and abnormal price increases in the raw materials or at suppliers. 
(c) If the order does not meet the conditions for free shipment, shipping costs will be communicated to the customer as from the moment the order is ready. 
(d) The amount of VAT is indicated during the completion of the order. If the VAT rate would change, this change can be reflected in the price of the items on the basis of a change in the applicable rates and without the customer being informed in advance. Any international order placed and delivered via our website (except Belgium) may be subject to taxes and custom duties that are imposed when the package reaches its destination. These custom duties and all taxes related to the delivery are the responsiblity of the customer. 
(e) UNICRAFT BV is not obliged to check and inform its customers about applicable custom duties and taxes. By ordering, customers are considered the official importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country where the goods are received. 


(a) Our invoices are payable in Wellen, in cash, unless otherwise stated on our invoices. The issuance of bills does not imply novation or derogation from this provision.
(b) In the event of non-payment, duly established on the due date by registered letter sent by post and which has not been collected for eight days, the amount or the unpaid balance of the invoice will be increased by a flat-rate compensation clause of 15% by way of compensation, with a minimum of € 100,00. In addition, any unpaid invoice on the due date leads, by operation of law and without notice of default, to interest at an interest rate of 8% per year from the due date. In the absence of payment on the due date of an invoice, all other invoices, even if not due, become immediately due and payable. 
(c) In addition, in the event of an order being dispatched, we reserve the right to request payment guarantees that we deem necessary and, in the event of refusal, to suspend the delivery or, as the case may be, to cancel the order. 


The Customer is required to comply with its payment obligations upon the first request by the Seller and to provide a bank guarantee from an established European credit institution or any other security instrument reasonably selected by the Seller. The Seller has the right to request this bank guarantee at any time, be it prior to delivery, during or after the completion of the delivery. As long as the Customer has not provided a bank guarantee, the Seller may suspend any (further) deliveries, without any liability to the Customer or any third party.


(a) All drawings, descriptive weights, dimensions and the descriptions and illustrations contained in the sales literature, price lists, performance estimates or other specifications provided by the Seller are purely approximations: they are not part of the agreement, nor do they constitute a guarantee. They do not bind the Seller. Furthermore, all drawings and technical documents issued before or after conclusion of the agreement for the use or information of the Customer and any other information that the Seller may provide the Customer, including specifications, shall not be copied, reproduced or disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of the Seller.
(b) The product specifications may change over the course of time.


(a) If it is found, on due examination by the Customer, that the goods do not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications or that the work performed by the Seller does not comply with the Customer’s specifications, or that paid services do not meet the average quality on the market, the Seller shall be liable under the warranty, which is limited to the Seller (i) refunding the Customer at market price for such goods or services (without interest and in all cases limited to the purchase price), (ii) repairing such goods, or (iii) replacing such goods or performing the services, on the condition that the Customer can satisfactorily prove the defect and returns the goods to the Seller. Repair or replacement of said goods does not prolong the warranty.
(b) The Customer cannot claim any warranty rights if it has not fulfilled its obligations under article 5 (d). The Customer is obliged to notify the Seller immediately or in any case no later than one week after the discovery of any defects or faults by its customer or any other end user.
(c) In any event, each warranty expires 12 months after delivery.
(d) The Seller shall transfer to the Customer whatever transferable warranties and indemnities the Seller receives from the manufacturer of the goods or services, including any transferable warranties, in which case no separate warranty as defined under article 10 (a) will be granted by the Seller.


(a) No return of goods shall be accepted by the Seller without a Return Material Authorisation (RMA), which will be issued by the Seller only for objective and justifiable reasons. A request to return goods due to visible defects must be submitted within 8 days of their receipt. A request to return goods due to hidden defects must be submitted within 8 days of their discovery and in any case no later than 12 months after receipt of said goods. The Customer will contact UNICRAFT BV customer service by formulation his request by mail. When the product proves to be defective, UNICRAFT BV sends a return number. The Customer loses the right to return said goods after expiry of said time period. Goods and accessories must be returned in the manufacturer’s original transport packaging, including all packing materials and accompanied by the received return number.  All goods to be returned shall be returned freight prepaid in the manner stipulated in the RMA. If goods are returned on the grounds that they are defective, a complete description of the nature of the defect, as well as the date and the circumstances of its discovery must be included with the returned goods. If the Seller agrees to the return or cancellation of goods, it reserves the right to invoice return or cancellation costs, including those costs specified in the RMA.

(b) If the Customer returns goods claiming warranty rights and these goods are found to be fault-free, the Customer shall bear all costs, including transport, handling and inspection costs.
(c) In case of cancellation by the Customer between the time of placing the order and delivery, a cancellation fee of 70% of the total value of the ordered goods is due.
(d) All costs and risks associated with the return of the product are the responsibility of the customer. 
(e) The Seller can never be held liable for indirect damage. In case of direct damage, the liability of the seller is limited to the value of the product. 


(a) The Seller shall be liable for (i) its own wilful default or gross negligence, (ii) its own fraudulent acts (iii) any damage resulting from the death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Seller or its employees, appointees or agents, or (iv) any damage based on other mandatory laws that do not allow the limitation of the Seller’s liability. All other liability is explicitly excluded.
(b) The Seller’s liability shall be limited to direct loss and shall not include indirect or consequential loss. Hence, the following shall be excluded: loss of income, loss of turnover, loss through closure, increased manufacturing or operational costs, loss of customers and loss of reputation. Any amount recovered by the Customer from the Seller for any claim shall not exceed the purchase price paid by the Customer for the goods giving rise to such claim, irrespective of the nature of the claim, whether in contract, tort, warranty or otherwise.
(c) The exclusion of liability described in this article 12 shall also apply to employees of the Seller and any other persons acting on its behalf.


(a) Unicraft bv is not liable for any breach of contract if this can be attributed solely or mainly to force majeure. For example, a force majeure event means (but is not limited to) any of the following events, whether or not such event was foreseenable at the time the contract was entered into: 
- natural disasters (such as flood, storm, hurricane, lightning, snow, volcanic activity, drought, earthquake, ...) 
- armed conflicts (such as war, revolution, insurrection, military operation, occupation, ...) 
- social unrest (such as strike, demonstration, lock-out, trade conflict, ...) 
- an epidemic or pandemic (including COVID-19) or the measures that a government or third party takes or imposes as a result (such as a full or partial lockdown, the ban on movements, closing borders, quarantine, ...) 
- supply problems at our suppliers
- accidents (such as fire, explosion,...)
- government intervention (le fait du prince') (such as tax measures, expropriation, ...) 

(b) If in such circumstances the agreement is terminated in whole or in part, the Customer shall be liable to pay the Seller for any goods delivered or services rendered under each and any agreement on a pro-rata basis.


(a) The Customer acknowledges that rights relating to trademarks, trade names, copyrights and other intellectual property rights in connection with the goods are not transferable to the Customer, unless explicitly authorised in writing.
(b) The Customer agrees to indemnify the Seller against all claims, damages, costs (including legal costs calculated on an indemnity basis) made by any person or company which the Seller may incur, either as a result of work done in accordance with the Customer’s specifications, or for the infringement of any intellectual property rights resulting from such customisation.
(c) All information on our website, in our catalogue and in our publications is the property of UNICRAFT BV or has the rights to use and publish it. It is forbidden for internet users to republish, reproduce or download content, in whole or in part, regardless of images, descriptions, prices or technical explanations, with the exception of documents specifically provided for download on our website such as the catalog from UNICRAFT BV. 


The Seller shall treat any information it collects about the Customer in accordance with the EU data protection principles and their implementation under the applicable national law of the Seller and other legislation relating thereto. The Customer shall have the right to access its personal data and to
correct it if necessary, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is available upon request.


The Seller reserves the right to subcontract any part of any work or the supply of any goods or services.


The agreement or agreements to which these T&Cs apply is between the Customer and the Seller only. No third party shall acquire any rights against the Seller and the Seller shall have no liability with regard to any third party arising out of or in connection with any agreement. Furthermore, the Customer shall indemnify the Seller against any claims, legal action or demands by third parties in tort or otherwise, directly or indirectly arising from or in connection with the goods (or use thereof) or the services provided, to the extent that such claims, legal action or demands are caused by or are attributable, even partly, to the Customer.


The agreement, of which these T&Cs are part, may be assigned in whole or in part by the Seller without the Customer’s prior written consent. The Customer shall not assign or purport to assign these T&Cs or the benefit derived therefrom to any other person without the written consent of the Seller.


The headings of these T&Cs are solely for convenience and shall have no effect on the interpretation thereof.


If the Seller fails, on any given occasion, to insist on the performance of these T&Cs, it shall not be deemed a waiver of rights by the Customer or acceptance of any deviation from these T&Cs.


Any notice required in these T&Cs shall be in writing.


1. The Seller may, without prejudice to its right to claim compensation, terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing, if:
(a) exceptional circumstances make a professional collaboration between the Parties impossible;
(b) the Customer is in breach of the agreement and/or these T&Cs or as set out in law, to the extent that the Customer does not rectify the situation within a reasonable period.
2. When the Seller terminates the agreement, the Seller may suspend and cancel any confirmed delivery and claim all outstanding amounts immediately.


All disputes related to the interpretation and execution of our contracts or invoices fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Tongeren (Belgium), whatever the conditions and method of payment may be, even in the case of several defendants. Disputes that legally belong to the jurisdiction of the Justice of the Peace are submitted to the Justice of the Peace of the canton of Tongeren. However, the seller can also have the dispute settled before the Court of the debtor's domicile. 

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