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28 Jun Paint tote
Dorien 0 37
Achieve a handy way to organize your painting supplies while having fun and being creative! What do you need? Wooden box  Glass jar     Paint     Paintbrush  Mod Podge How do you start with this? Design a creative division line to separate the unfinished wood sections from the areas to be painted. We chose to use a diagonal line. Paint the base of ..
01 Jun Key board
Dorien 0 74
We all know what's it like to run around looking for your keys. With this DIY key board the search is finally over! What do you need? Wooden board   Template "Welcome"   Permanent marker   Key hooks How do you start with this? Download the lettering template with the "welcome" lettering. Simply set the lettering in to the appropriate size of your k..
26 Apr Mother's Day mug
Dorien 0 126
Do you want to surprise mom with a gift for Mother's Day that she can use every day? Then this mug is perfect! What do you need?  Mod Podge dishwasher safe,   Medium flat paintbrush,   a mug,   a pattern      How do you start with this? Was and dry the mug with soap and water. Wipe down mug with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Print the desired art pa..
29 Mar Easter bunnies
Dorien 0 144
Look at these cute minimalistic Easter bunnies! They not only look pretty, but they are also quick and easy to make yourself.What do you need? FIMO Soft   Bead piercing pins  Permanent marker   String  How do you start with this? For a bunny, you need one piece of  FIMO Soft white and half a block of FIMO Soft in the colour of your choice. Now kne..
02 Mar Jesmonite coaster
Dorien 1 386
Make the most beautiful marble look coasters yourself with Jesmonite.What do you need? Jesmonite starter kit    How do you start with this? Weight out Jesmonite AC100 liquid. Weight out Jesmonite base. Slowly mix Jesmonite liquid and base together until smooth and free from lumps. Add a drop of pigment of your choice. Pour the mixture into the moul..
21 Jan Valentines Heart and Yarn Wall Hanging
Dorien 0 288
Decorate for Valentine's Day with this unique handmade dreamcatcher made of yarn.What do you need? Wooden hearts,       Paint,    Embroidery thread,     Metal hoop     How do you start with this? Drill small holes in the wooden hearts. Paint the wood hearts and let dry. Thread embroidery thread through the hearts and wrap extra floss around the hoo..
15 Dec Fimo lantern
Dorien 0 330
These leafy tea light holders with gold highlights will make your home feel snug, even when it's cold outside! What do you need? Fimo Soft,    Acrylic roller,    Stencil,     Cutter,   Metal gold sheets,   Varnish,   Modelling tools,   Glass lantern    How do you start with this? First roll out 2 blocks of Fimo soft emerald into a thin sheet using ..
16 Nov X-mas ornaments
Dorien 3 481
These X-mas ornaments in brilliant colors will for sure elevate your Christmas Tree with shine. What do you need?  FolkArt Treasure gold paint,   Paper stars,  Paintbrushes   How do you start with this? Use a small paint brush to paint the papier stars with the desired color FolkArt Treasure Gold. Let it dry well. Apply several coats if necessary. ..
19 Oct Trick or treat
Dorien 0 348
Welcome your guests with this beautifully stenciled sign! What do you need?  stencil,paint,   wooden plate  How do you start with this? Paint the center of the wooden plate with the orange color. But don't go all the way to the edge. Brush outward as you get closedr to the edge. Stop about an inch from the edge. Let it dry well. Place the chosen st..
17 Sep Haunted birdhouse
Dorien 1 543
Turn a basic birdhouse into a spooky haunted house. Great Halloween decor piece for inside and outside! What do you need?  birdhouse,  paintbrushes,   paint,  scissors,   foam,     glue gun How do you start with this? Use a craft to cut shapes out of craft foam for windows and chimneys. Assemble the chimney using hot glue. Apply the foam accessorie..
16 Aug Pencil box
Dorien 1 436
There is no need to purchase new pencil cases for back-to-school.Repurpose baby wipe containers and let your kids create their own trendy and stylish pencil box. What do you need?  a baby wipe container,  ruler,   scrapbook paper,   scissors,   Mod Podge,     Corner punch,   Stickers, rhinestones, ... ,  How do you start with this? With a ruler, me..
20 Jul Tie-Dye T-shirt
Dorien 0 357
Give that plain tee a little color with this ombre style tie-dye idea. What do you need?  a white T-shirt,   Squeeze bottles,   Fabric Creations Poppy,     Fabric Creations Black,    Fabric Creations Real Yellow,  Fabric Creations Blue,   rubber bands    How do you start with this? Dampen your t-shirt then lay it on your flat workspace. Fold your s..
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