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26 Apr Jewelery holder jungle
Dorien 0 43
Tropical leaves are right on trend just now. And these pretty marbled Fimo bowls are perfect to store your jewellery.  What do you need? Fimo clay (white and green),   Acrylic roller,    Modelling tools,   Template,    Ovenproof bowl How do you start with this? To make a marbled bowl, shape one block of Fimo white into a cord and do the same with a..
24 Mar Easter bunny
Dorien 0 69
Express your love for someone special with this easy to make piece of art! Below we give you the instructions to create the "dotty heart". What do you need?  wooden bunny,   Mod Podge Mat,   Folk Art Wicker White paint,  paintbrush,  yellow pompom,  napkins,    How do you start with this? Craft the wooden bunny together. Paint the Easter bunny with..
12 Jan Valentines canvas
Dorien 0 198
Express your love for someone special with this easy to make piece of art! Below we give you the instructions to create the "dotty heart". What do you need?  a desired pattern (heart shape),  pencil,  different colours paint (pink, red and purple),  a canvas,  a sponge brush  How do you start with this? Find an outline of a heart that you like and ..
08 Dec Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments
Dorien 0 202
Add a unique touch to your holiday decor by wood burning your ornements with a fun Christmas design! What do you need? wooden ornaments (drilled with small hole for hanging),   desired patterns,  pencil,  wood burner set,   twine  How do you start with this? Find desired patterns and line art and make copies to fit wooden ornaments. Cut out around ..
17 Nov Rustic bouquet wall art
Dorien 0 237
Time to brighten up your home in these dark times? With this wall art you immediately brighten up the room! What do you need? the pattern,   a wooden plate,  transfer paper,  a wood burner,    glue gun,   silk flowers and greenery,   a drill  How do you start with this? Transfer the pattern to the wooden plate. Trace the lines of the pattern with t..
20 Oct Ghost
Dorien 0 358
Are you ready to get scared? What do you need? an empty plastic bottle,  plaster bandage,   a balloon,   2 wooden sticks, a black marker,  wiggle eyes    How do you start with this? Cut off the top of the platic bottle. Make a hole on both sides of the bottle so that you can put your wooden sticks through here. Inflate your balloon and place it at ..
15 Sep Mummy pumpkins
Dorien 100 295
Are you ready to get scared? What do you need? Tissue paper,   (or crepe paper) Paper pumpkin, Mod Podge,  Paint, scissors   How do you start with this? Apply your base color to the pumpkin and let it dry. You can choose any color that you want. Paint 2 white circles on your pumpkin so that you create little eyes. Let this dry well. Use the end of ..
27 Aug Piñata Candy Poppers
Dorien 0 350
End the holiday with a bang! What do you need? Tissue paper,   Cord, Mod Podge,  Empty toilet roll, scissors   How do you start with this? Cut the tissue paper into strips 5cm wide and 15cm long. Make small strands of 2,5cm at the ends. Then cut a 7cm by 7cm square from silk paper. Use the Mod Podge to attach a square of tissue paper to the bottom ..
30 Jul Crea Shrink keychain
Dorien 0 371
Crea Shrink is ideal for making fun crafts. With this kids can make their own super cute key chains! What do you need? shrinking plastic,   permanent marker or pencil, key chain, scissors   How do you start with this? Draw or trace a design on the matte side with a pencil (or with a permanent marker if there isn’t a matte side) and color your desig..
02 Jul Himmeli mobile for air plants
Dorien 0 332
The 'himmeli' mobile works perfectly as a stylish geometric container for your air plants. Don't let the complex structure of the himmeli fool you - the basic shape is actually quite easy to make. What do you need? straws,  2m fishing line or string, scissors   How do you start with this? Cut the straws into 12 pieces of the same length, about 10-1..
09 Jun Batman
Dorien 0 541
Is your dad a superhero too? Then he definitely deserves a nice, homemade gift for Father's Day!What do you need? rubber,  wooden spoon, wobbly eyes, grey paint, marker, glue, scissors   How do you start with this? Draw a Batman mask on the rubber. Look at the size of your wooden spoon to know the dimensions. Use scissors to cut out the mask.  Glue..
21 Apr Working from home in a creative way
Dorien 1 787
Unfortunately, many of us are still at home because of the Corona measures. Working from home and ensuring that the kids keep themselves busy at the same time isn't an easy job! Certainly not when new school material must be seen now. But we have some tips for you that you can use to make everything run as smoothly as possible.Our tips for you: Set..
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