Together with Babysits, the online babysitting platform in Belgium, we have made a super cool DIY especially for Easter. Are you going to search for Easter eggs in the garden with your family this Easter weekend? Then make this cute Easter basket and put all your found Easter eggs in it!

What do you need? 


How do you start with this? 

  1. Print the template or draw it yourself. 
  2. Cut out the template and then place it on the paper with which you want to make the Easter basker. This can be white paper or colored. 
  3. Draw the template on the paper for the basket. Make sure the paper isn't too thin so that the basket can keep the Easter eggs. If you don't have sturdy paper, you can always glue 2 sheets of paper together for more strength. 
  4. Have you used colored paper? Then you can skip step 4. If you have chosen white paper, you can now paint the paper in a color that you want. 
  5. Now it is time to give the Easter bunny a nice snout. Draw or paint the eyes, nose and teeth. Don't forget to paint inside of the long ears too! 
  6. Let the paint dry. Afterwards, you can cut out the template from your basket. 
  7. Fold the template and glue the edges well together. Don't forget to glue the handle on to the basket! 
  8. Glue a pompom to the back of the basker. This way the Easter bunny has a cute fluffy tail. 
  9. And here it is! You have a super cute Easter basket where you can put all your Easter eggs in! 

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