These leafy tea light holders with gold highlights will make your home feel snug, even when it's cold outside! 

What do you need? 

How do you start with this? 

  1. First roll out 2 blocks of Fimo soft emerald into a thin sheet using the acrylic roller. 
  2. Now cut out the leaf template and using the knife, cut 3 leaves from the Fimo sheet. 
  3. Then take the modelling tool and score veins in the leaf. 
  4. Next, place the leaf metal carefully on the leaf and smooth with your fingers. 
  5. Go over the leaf veins once more using the modelling tool. This will create what is known as a crackled effect, tearing the leaf metal and allowing the Fimo unterneath to show through. Remove the rest of the leaf metal. Repeat these steps for all the leaves. 
  6. Now place the leaves around the glass and press down. Harden the Fimo leaf glass in the oven for 30min. at 110°C. 
  7. Then leave to cool and protect the leaves by varnishing them with varnish for leaf metal.
  8. Your botanical leaf lantern is done!