Tropical leaves are right on trend just now. And these pretty marbled Fimo bowls are perfect to store your jewellery.  

What do you need? 


How do you start with this? 

  1. To make a marbled bowl, shape one block of Fimo white into a cord and do the same with a block of Fimo green. 
  2. Twist the two cords together and roll out into a longer cord. 
  3. Now shape this cord into a ball. 
  4. Roll out the ball to form another cord. Repeat until you have created a lovely marbled pattern. 
  5. Now use the acrylic roller to roll out the ball into a sheet +/- 0,5cm thick. Roll out the Fimo directly onto baking paper. This will make it easier to remove lateron. 
  6. Now print out the leaf template, cut it out, place on the Fimo sheet and cut round it with the knife. 
  7. Roll out a thin cord from the remaining marbled Fimo. This will form the large vein running down the middle of the leaf. Place the vein in the middle of the leaf and press down slightly. 
  8. Now use the modelling tool to score lots of smaller veins in your leaf, going out from the vein in the middle. 
  9. Then remove the Fimo sheet from the baking paper and place it face down on an upturned ovenproof bowl. This will create a lovely curved shape as the leaf bowl hardens. Now harden your Fimo leaf bowl on the ovenproof bowl in the oven for 30min. at 110° and then leave to cool on the bowl. When it's completely cool, simply remove your leaf bowl from the other bowl and you are done!