Stripy tags for your keys are not only practical, they also make great gifts. these individual key tags are easy to make yourself from Fimo leather effect. There are no limits to your creativity here, anything is possible! 

What do you need? 

How do you start with this? 

  1. Roll out half a block of Fimo leather effect in nut into a strip using the clay machine. The strip should be around 12mm thick, 3cm wide and 10cm long. 
  2. Now roll out a strip of Fimo leather effect olive about the same size, also with the clay machine and place it on top of the first strip. 
  3. Then pass the two sheets throught the clay machine together. This will join the two strips together. 
  4. Straighten all four sides of the strip, trimming them with the blade. 
  5. Roll 2 portions of Fimo leather effect lagoon into a small sheet using the acrylic roller and cut off 2-3mm strips. Lay 6 till 8 strips at regular distances on one end of the brown sheet and press down carefully. 
  6. Carefully roll the thin strips flat using the acrylic roller, so that they bind with the sheet. 
  7. Finally, pass the whole strip once more through the clay machine. 
  8. Now lay the strip flat on some baking paper and harden for 30minutes in a preheated oven at 130°C. As soon as the strip has hardened and while it is still warm, fold it once in the middle and let it cool like this. This will ensure it has the desired shape later. 
  9. When the strip has cooled, place it on the cutting mat and then use the ruler and the scalpel to cut one side straight. Then mark a width of 2cm using a pencil and trip the strip to this width. 
  10. Cut both ends of the strip to a point using the scalpel. 
  11.  Now punch the holes for the top part of the studs, taking care to ensure you leave enough room to insert the key ring later. Mark the position of the holes underneath by putting a pencil through the top holes and then punch the holes where the marks are. 
  12. Attach the studs with the eyelet tool, thread through the key ring and close the studs.