Give that plain tee a little color with this ombre style tie-dye idea. 

What do you need?  

How do you start with this? 

  1. Dampen your t-shirt then lay it on your flat workspace. Fold your shirt in an accordion style fold. 
  2. Place four rubber bands down your shirt to create five sections. Make sure the three inner spaces have the least amount of space. 
  3. Mix a 1:3 ratio of Fabric Creations to water in your squeeze bottles and shake until well mixed. 
  4. Squeeze your Poppy mixture on the second section from the top of your shirt. Squeeze your Real Yellow mixture on the space below that. Squeeze your Pale Blue mixture on the section below that and squeeze your Black mixture on the bottom section. Carefully flip your shirt over and repeat this process on the back. 
  5. Remove the rubber bands from your shirt and lay it flat to dry. Once your shirt is dry, heat set it with an iron or put it in the dryer with dry hear.