Did you always wanted your our personal pillow cover? Now you can create it yourself, and we will tell you how! 

What do you need? 

  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium,  
  • a pillow cover,  
  • 9 photocopies of your favorite photos,  
  • a paintbrush,  
  • water, 
  • a sponge  

Get started! 

  1. Wash and iron your pillow cover. Place a piece of wax paper inside the pillow cover. 
  2. Make photocopies (not inkjet copies) on a dry toner/laser copier (the kind at a local copy shop). Some inkjet printers will work but most smear so be sure to test if you want to try an inkjet copy. Trim your copies into equal sized squares. 
  3. Working with one photo at a time, coat the photo with a thick layer of Mod Podge Photo Transfer. The photo should be totally white with no image showing through. 
  4. Place the photos Mod Podge side down onto the pillow. Smooth with your fingers from the center. Press the corners and edges to be sure they stick. Please wait 24 hours before you go ahead with step 5! 
  5. Wet each image and wait 2 minutes. Working in a circular motion, gently rub off the paper to reveal the image below. You may have to do this step a few times before all the paper is removed.

Tip: Make it an 3D design by sewing or gluing embellishments, gems or ribbons over your photo transfer.